Why do atheists hate God?

Atheists don’t hate God

Atheists don’t hate something that does not exist
Imagine hating some non-existent entity like the tooth fairy, or leprechauns.
Many atheists don’t even hate religious people or their religion.
There are several reasons that theists still think that atheists hate God.

Fake Atheists

Those ‘atheists’ that claim they hate God are not atheists.
You have to believe in the existence of something in order to hate it.
Many Christians were dealt bad hands in life and rejected God,
but still, believe in his existence.
Most of them eventually ‘kiss and make up’ with God
and some will claim they converted from atheism to theism.

Some atheists hate religion

It is common for an atheist who converted from a religion to hate that religion.
They are mad at themselves for being in a false belief for so long.
They typically are angry, militant atheists.
Eventually, some of them cool off and lose their hate.

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