Science and Religion

Churches actually supported science

Centuries ago, most religious institutes were patrons of science.
They created universities that were centers of scientific research.
Churches sought to validate the literal bible with natural science research.

Religious Support of Science Now

Many theists like to point out that all of the early pioneers of science were Christians.
Imagine if those Christians understood evolution.
Imagine if being an open atheist was not a ticket to a death sentence.
As scientific work generated problems for religions such as evolution and cosmology,
such support for research waned.
Ministerial institutions such as AIG and ICR attempt to apply science to
validate literal views such as historical Genesis.
Those institutions are the only opposition to the theory of evolution.
Most of their efforts are geared towards trying to prove young earth and disprove evolution.
Because those stances are not testable and falsifiable,
they will be relegated to websites and journals of those institutes
and not ever be published by scientific institutes.
Scientific institutes strive to answer questions.
Religious institutes strive to validate ‘answers’.

Religious Scientists

There are plenty of successful scientists who are theists,
but they keep their religion out of the lab.
They do not let their theology influence the interpretations of any findings.
They know that science can not provide any evidence for the supernatural.

Religion Science Conflict

Religious ‘scientific’ institutes are usually constrained by statements of faith.
These statements put a priority on scripture over scientific findings.

Religious Institutes are Evolving

Some churches, in an attempt to stay relevant are adopting a
supporting stance on scientific stances such as evolution and a big bang.
In 2005, the Catholic Church accepted evolution.

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