Religions Need Overhaul

The Bad Parts

Most religous text have bad parts.
The Bible has a chapter for slave managment.
The Quran as a verse on wife-beating.
Both of those texts place women subservient to men.
Both view homosexuality in a negative light
Most text use a reward of an afterlife to drive good behavior.
Some use some form of eternal punishment for bad behavior.
Major harm comes from a literal interpretation of text
being used to justify harming/killing others and
opposing science such as the theory of evolution.

Political Corectness

The term “Regressive left” is a pejorative to describe an ideology that defends cultural tolerance
which among other things glosses over the bad parts of that culture (religion).
An example is some liberals will take great offense to anyone criticizing Islam or using the term “Islamist” or “Islamic terrorism”.


Most religions, in order to stay relevant with the current culture, need to reform.
This process would include:
– jettisoning the bad parts
– get rid of the supernatural unbelievable stuff, not needed
– emphasized compassion
– defend all human rights
– allow and promote critical review of religion
– promote happy coexistence of all world views and religions

Religions can be a powerful positive force for humanity.
A good place to start is Karen Armstrong’s Charter for Compassion.

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