Why am I an atheist?

No Child indoctrination

My parents never went to church and never talked about religion.
They sent my siblings and me to bible school for a few months,
not enough time for any influences to settle in.

Santa and collateral damage of other beliefs

One year, a week before Christmas my brother and I found the Santa stash.
I lost belief in Santa and other supernaturals, like Jesus, the tooth fairy, and God.
I still had a faint God/Jesus belief, but just didn’t think about it.

I got baptized

One year in high school I went to church with an evangelizing girl.
After a month or so, I got baptized in a big fish tank in front of a large congregation.
Before the dunking, I was evangelized by a 9-year-old, which turned me off.
I stopped going a few weeks after that.
I had always found church tedious.

Mother Teresa treatment

In college, I lived with a bunch of Christians who asked me to ask God for faith.
I asked for a sign and got the same as Mother Teresa, no Holy Spirit, nothing.
I tried to read the Bible, but could not get out of Genesis,
it was too tedious.

The closer

I few years after college, I read
“A History of God” by Karen Armstrong.
It was clear then that the Bible and other religious text were
not God influence and just inventions of man.
I then identified myself as an agnostic atheist.

In a Godless World

In a world without a god (Don LaFontaine voice).
What if …
Big Bang led to the creation of planet systems
Water formed on one planet
Abiogenesis happened
Evolution happened
One social species developed a high level of consciousness via collective learning
This social started assigning agency to non-agents which may have inspired religion
That species invented many various religions to deal with different problems
So …
How is that world different than ours?

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