New New Atheism

new new atheism

A new trend in positive atheism

There is a slow but positive trend towards effective atheism.
Focus is shifting away from attacking religious people
and their religion.
Attention is being spent on reviewing the belief in religion,
the value of faith.
The goal is to get people to think about their beliefs,
not attack them or their religion.

One movement was started by “A Manual for Creating Atheists” by Peter Boghossian
whose book introduces “Street Epistemology”
championed by Anthony Magnabosco with his videos.

The key is to get the person to listen and think,
not defend and double down on their stance.
Atheists who use terms like ‘religitard’ or ‘creatard’
are doing harm to the atheist community.
The hateful comments fuel the distrust/hate towards atheists.
By disrespecting theists, atheists are propagating the characterization of the
angry, hateful atheists as seen in many Christian movies such as ‘God’s Not Dead’.

If more people saw atheists as normal friendly people:
– more atheists will come out
– more atheists will identify as atheist
– identifying as an atheist would not be political suicide
– some religious people would rethink sources of morality and purpose in life